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Easy Ways to Save Money On Shopping

Posted by Category Credit Cards

Whether it's shopping for fun, necessity, or a bit of both, the things we buy can quickly add up to a lot of money.

The perks and pitfalls of a business credit card

Posted by Category Credit Cards

As with any type of credit card, it's important to know what you're signing up for when you apply for a business credit card.

Australia goes PIN-only

Posted by Category Credit Cards

On August 1, Australia finally switched over to PIN-only purchases.

It's never too early to prepare for the Australian Open!

Posted by Category Credit Cards

As one of the biggest events on the Australian sporting calendar, the Australian Open attracts players and spectators from around the world to Melbourne each January.

How to say goodbye to credit card debt

Posted by Category Credit Cards

If you think you’re paying too much in credit card interest, then this is the time to lower it.

Health cover countdown to July 1

Posted by Category Insurance

Anyone with a television is likely to have noticed the increasing number of advertisements by health insurance providers encouraging viewers to invest in cover by June 30. But why?

Loans to first home buyers fall: Tips for the first home buyer

Posted by Category Home Loans

According to recent Reserve Bank statistics, the number of first home buyers in Australia has fallen to record lows. RBA data shows that first home buyer home loans as a percentage of total new home loans fell 4% in the year to April, equalling the record

How to compare home loans to save money

Posted by Category Home Loans

At the beginning of June, the Reserve Bank of Australia opted to leave the cash rate on hold at 2.5% for the ninth meeting in a row. While many experts believe rates will remain at the current record low for the rest of the year, rates are expected to ris

New contactless wristband from Barclays to replace credit cards

Posted by Category Credit Cards

Brits may soon be able to leave their credit cards at home, as British financial services company Barclays announces the launch of its new contactless wristband.

Bendigo Bank is Redy to bring mobile payments to Australia

Posted by Category Credit Cards

Bendigo Bank and Samsung have teamed up to launch Redy, a new Australian mobile payments service - with a difference.