Terms and Conditions of Use

1. 'Credit World' is identified as being:

Credit World Pty. Ltd (A.C.N. 128435861). They have their business office at Level 26, One Bligh Street, Sydney 2000 NSW, Australia and can be contacted by Telephone on +61 2 8226 8758.

2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions.

By entering this Credit World web site you are contractually agreeing to accept these terms and conditions whether or not you complete or fill out any form, invitation or application. If you do not accept these terms and conditions in any respect then you should withdraw from this web site straight away and not accept or rely upon any of the services, statements, facts or data provided.

3. Copyright protected site.

The whole of this site and its provisions are protected by Australian and international Copyright Laws. Downloading, copying, printing, storing and transferring the content of this site or part thereof without acceptance of these terms and conditions is a breach of such Laws and may have serious civil and criminal consequences. After acceptance of these terms and conditions you may download, copy, print and store the contents and parts thereof for your own personal use and not for any commercial or agency purpose.

4. Who you are.

You are the person who entered this site by a particular computer system, an Australian citizen with a right to Australian Permanent Residency, over 18 years of age and not an undercharged bankrupt or a person threatened by a bankruptcy notice or proceeding and have not assigned your assets or any of them for the benefit of your creditors.

5. The Service provided by this site.

Credit World is not a bank of any description nor a financial institution and do not and cannot accept any deposits nor issue any securities. We do not provide credit. We are providing an information service only and do not give nor endorse any financial advice.

Financial products

The purpose and service of this site is to provide the public including yourself with free information about financial products and credit facilities. This is based on product fees, interest rates and other data that is disclosed on this site, which may not be suitable to your personal circumstances. You should always take time to learn and understand a product terms and conditions before you apply for it.

We cannot and do not assess product or service suitability in relation to any individual person or persons.

Products found in a ‘top 3’ or ‘top 10’ section or referred to as 'best' are given this status based on an assessment of that product’s current interest rates, fees, introductory offers, features, and more, and their overall combined value in comparison to other similar products in matching categories. The ‘top’ or 'best' status is therefore not objective and may change without notice if the card issuer changes the introductory or standard product offers.

For example; a 'frequent flyer' credit card offer might be given ‘top’ status due to a current offer of ‘bonus flyer points’ available to new applicants. That product might also currently feature a competitive 'balance transfer' offer. Both of these offers will factor into our perceived current value of the product in relation to other similar products on the creditworld site – which in this example include both frequent flyer and balance transfer credit card categories.

Any number of the below product features are taken into account to determine the relative current value of the product when compared to other similar products on this website, and whether it is considered to have 'best' or 'top' status.

The below list should be considered an example only of product features and not be considered comprehensive or complete.

  • Interest rates or comparison rates & interest charged on borrowings, purchases, balance transfers, or cash advances.
  • All product fees
  • Perceivied value of introductory offers including interest rates, fees, bonus points, interest free periods.
  • What rates these introductory offers revert to once the introductory period expires.
  • The merit of all 'special offers' e.g. such as 'bonus reward points'.
  • Standard features of the products such as but not limited to; 'interest free' days, purchase rates; cash advance rates; balance transfer rates, and all set up, monthly or annual fees.
  • Extra perceived benefits such as instant discounts or complimentary services e.g. overseas travel insurance.
  • Consideration of the relative value of 'reward points' or 'frequent flyer points' awarded for each $1 spent.
  • Assessment of market acceptance of credit cards and weight the transaction premiums/penalties charged by traders in relation to others

There are many other products and information facilities available to the public via the internet and from other sources. The opportunities offered by this site cover many credit providers terms and conditions but are not and cannot be considered comprehensive of the market.

It is important that you consider a program of searching for such services on the internet and elsewhere to ensure that you have considered all credit resources before taking up any offers made by Credit World and by other services.

We do not cover or evaluate deposit or investment opportunities and are not investment advisers. Even if a credit provider offers interest bearing aspects to their credit card or credit facilities we do not recommend such opportunities based on that interest earning aspects. These interest earning aspects are collateral to the main purpose of the credit card and or credit facility and do not play a significant part in our evaluations.

6. Credit Card and Credit Providers.

We try to provide opportunities to apply for credit and or credit card opportunities with various credit providers that are significant public institutions but Credit World is not able to comment on the stability or creditworthiness of those institutions. No attempt is made nor are we qualified to evaluate the stability or net worth of any such institutions and the appearance of such an institution on this site does not imply that that institution is financially sound nor that an evaluation of its public accounts would indicate otherwise.

All providers should be contactable via details obtained on their websites. These can usually be found by visiting the 'contact us' section of the provider website, or alternatively using an online search engine such as Google.com.au to make an information search using a phrase such as "provider X contact details."

Nothing said or appearing in Credit Worlds' sites nor in making any evaluation of the credit providers offers of credit to you can be applied to or have any standing as to any ASX listed companies shares in the name of any such credit providers. No statements are made nor should it be deduced from Credit Worlds' sites or evaluations that any credit provider are worthy of consideration in making investment or trading decisions.

Credit card issuers and credit providers are free to change their rates and terms without reference or advice to Credit World. Credit World takes every opportunity to keep under review such rates and terms so as to keep this site up to date and to make the evaluation process relevant. For these reasons no warranty or representation is made to you that the rates and terms set out against each credit provider mentioned on this site is current.

You must protect yourself by reviewing the rates and terms of any and each credit provider to whom you apply or from whom you accept any offer to take up credit to assure yourself that the rates and terms of any offer are current and acceptable to you even though such rates and terms differ from those set out in this site.

You should evaluate or have an expert evaluate each credit provider's accounts to establish its stability. The terms of the issue of credit cards and credit terms offered by each institution should be carefully considered when accepting any credit providers offers as they may contain terms unacceptable to you.

Such terms can reserve to the credit providers the right to cancel the credit card and or reduce the credit facility without (reasonable) notice and without giving you the chance to correct any default on your behalf and without allocating any (good) reason for such cancellation.

Credit World is not able to analyse such terms and deals with the statistical comparable data of credit card/credit providers currently on offer only and not the background terms and conditions and their cancellation rights. This means that you alone must read and compare such complex data. These conditions may also contain the right to consolidate and or set-off accounts so that any significant credit maintained by you in one account can be carried across to credit your outstanding debt due in another account without previous notice of intention to do so.

7. Privacy Policy of Credit World

All relevant data and information provided by you or on your behalf by others and any application you make from this site (to the extent that Credit World is privy to same) will be treated as your personal/private and or sensitive information and will be treated as your property and will not be communicated to any third party without your express or implied consent.
Your consent will be deemed to be granted when you complete and or sign any form or application.

8. Password and Security.

You may be supplied with a password, ID or other security information to assist in identifying you and your account with Credit World and or credit providers and in restricting or allowing access to your account, the personal/private and sensitive information held by Credit World and those credit providers to whom your applications has been supplied.

It is your duty to keep all such information, any password and or ID secret to yourself and not to disclose any such information to any other person including your friends, family and or business associates or professional advisers so that you are the only person who knows such information.
Releasing such information to others will imperil such secrecy and allow the public release of your security, identity and your personal/private and sensitive information held by Credit World and or the credit providers.

Any damages, suits, claims, actions, cross actions and costs arising from a breach of your duties in this Section will be subject to and indemnity which you hereby grant to Credit World.

9. Termination of Obligations.

Either party may terminate the obligations owed by each to the other by 14 days clear previous written notice served on the other by the medium of service used between the parties in immediate past communications and or by delivery personally to the other or to Credit Worlds office later on identified. Such cancellation will not prejudice any rights that have accrued to each party at the date of such cancellation.

If Credit World has reason to believe that the forms and/ applications are being used for an improper purpose by you and or on your behalf then Credit World can terminate its responsibilities to you without prior notice and do so by informing you in due course and any and all credit providers to whom it and or you have lodged an application seeking credit for yourself or others. Such termination will be effected by Credit World without prejudicing its rights to recover fees, damages or rights against you and or jointly with others,

10. Commissions.

You acknowledge that Credit World earns benefits from advertisers (including commissions). Advertisers do not pay to list their products in the comparison tables or product pages on the site, but do pay a commission when an application or approved application for a product is addressed by you or on your behalf.  Advertisers do pay to place advertisements marked as ‘advertisement.’ This may include all products featured on the site and is not limited to just credit products. Credit World will not knowingly earn any commission that directly charges your account with the whole or any part of such commission.

11. Advertising.

You acknowledge that links to or advertisements by credit providers, related parties and others may appear on the internet sites of Credit World and that Credit World may earn fees from the existence or allowance of such advertisements on its sites. Credit World will not favour such advertisers in stating the rates and terms of any advertisers or others nor by making any particular statements about any credit providers to whom you should apply nor in recommending to you which credit providers you should apply for credit facilities. Any links to other companies provided on Credit Worlds'
sites does not carry nor include any recommendation as to the company the subject of the link or the material on that linked site. None of the material on that linked site has been in any wise evaluated by Credit World.
Such a link operates as a method of accessing or a short cut to that site and nothing more.

Credit World is not aware of and nor does it approve of the content of any advertisement appearing on its sites.

12. Office of Credit World.

The service of notice and documents on Credit World can, amongst other addresses or medium, be personally delivered in writing during ordinary business days and hours (being Monday to Friday inclusive, excluding public holidays) to:

Credit World Pty. Ltd at their business office at Level 26, One Bligh Street, Sydney 2000 NSW, Australia

13. Entire Agreement:

These terms and condition constitute a primary part of the agreement between you and Credit World and will not be modified or amended by any other document created between us unless by express written statement that is consistent with these terms and conditions and previously approved by in writing by Credit World.

Where there is any doubt as to the interpretation of these terms and conditions and any other document or terms then these terms and conditions will to the extent of any inconsistency prevail.

These terms and conditions and any doubt or dispute as to their interpretation will be decided under the Laws of NSW and the parties submit to the non - exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of NSW.

The failure of Credit World to exercise or enforce its rights hereunder will not constitute a waiver of its rights.

If any court finds that a term of these provisions is unenforceable or invalid then you will join with Credit World in giving effect to the substance of this agreement. The unaffected parts of these terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect between the parties and be amended by consent to achieve the substance of this agreement.