What Type of Credit Card Should You Get?

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  • Commented by Lindy Date 29th November 2012

    I'm currently looking to register for my first credit card but there are just so many to choose from. Can you give please tell me what the differences are between Gold and Platinum cards?

  • Commented by Editor Date 5th December 2012

    Hi Lindy, Gold and Platinum cards have many differences. The main factors are the income required, the credit limit allocated, the annual fee charged, and many different features. You can read more about them below the product tables on those pages

  • Commented by Reuben Date 13th December 2012

    At the rate my wife is spending, I'm going to have to consider my choices for a rewards card. It's not possible to claim points from historic purchases can we?

  • Commented by Rowena Date 30th January 2013

    I already know what I want, but i don't know how to choose the correct balance transfer credit card. If you guys would come out with a guide to balance transfer credit cards, it would make my day!

  • Commented by Steph Robins Date 14th February 2013

    choosing a credit card isn't entirely up to you because application criteria defines how qualified you are for a certain credit card.. besides that, some people shouldn't even be considering a credit card because they can't get their debt together

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