Why you should read your next statement

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New law reforms that started on July 1 mean you could be in a better position than ever to get more out of your credit card by shopping around for a better deal. Not only that, new details about your statement and requirements to opt in for overlimit fees and credit limit requests will help you take control of your existing credit card debt, but you have to know what to look out for! Thats why weve created an easy to follow infographic outlining everything you need to know to make sure you reap the benefit. This month make sure you read your statement and check out whats new.


  • Commented by Dale Date 24th July 2012

    Here is an Idea, get rid of credit cards all together.

  • Commented by Vincent Date 23rd October 2012

    I paid mine off and cancelled over 6 years ago. I haven't been inconvenienced except for superfluous impulse purchases that I might have made...

  • Commented by Natalie Date 29th November 2012

    I personally don't like the idea of spending money that I don't have so I'm using a debit card instead. Works all the same, except amounts get deducted from your bank account - which i find easier to monitor.

  • Commented by Dana Date 10th January 2013

    Read the fine print people! It might be painful to look at your statement because you know you've spent a lot in the past month or so... but it's important to check for unsolicited payments as well.

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