NAB Personal Loans

This flexible personal loan from NAB allows you to borrow $5,000 to $55,000 to cover anything from home renovations to your next big overseas adventure.

Variable/Fixed Headline Rate
12.69% p.a.*
Comparison Rate
13.56% p.a.*
Establishment Fee
Monthly Service Fee

Choose from a fixed rate or variable rate

  • Variable Headline Rate
    12.69% p.a.*
  • Fixed Headline Rate
    12.69% p.a.*
  • Comparison Rate
    13.56% p.a.*
  • Establishment Fee
  • Monthly Service Fee

Secure online application

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  • Your application will take around 20 minutes to complete

NAB Personal Loans

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Some Benefits of a NAB Personal Loan

  • Variable Headline Rate*

    12.69% p.a. interest rate. Comparison Rate of 13.56% p.a.

  • Fixed Headline Rate*

    12.69% p.a. interest rate. Comparison Rate of 13.56% p.a.

  • Flexible loan terms ranging from 1-7 years

  • Borrow from $5,000 up to $55,000

  • No penalty for making extra repayments or paying off the loan early

  • Redraw available on variable rate loans

  • Quick and easy application process

The NAB Personal Loan

What we love...

One of the great things about the NAB Personal Loan is its flexibility. When you apply for a NAB Personal Loan, you can choose a loan term between one and seven years. This not only allows you to create a loan repayment schedule that’s affordable for you, you can also keep interest to a minimum by choosing the shortest loan term that suits your budget.

That flexibility also includes the loan amount. While you will only be approved for a personal loan that you can afford, NAB is offering loan amounts from $5,000 to $55,000, making it the perfect option for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you’re getting married or going on holiday, buying a car or doing some renovations, this personal loan could help you cover it.

Another important feature of the NAB Personal Loan is that interest rates are personalised to you. You can choose either a variable rate loan or a fixed rate loan, and NAB will assess your application to offer a rate specifically for you. This rate may depend on a number of factors, such as the loan term and loan amount, and your creditworthiness as an applicant.

Check out NAB’s Personal Loan info page to get an idea of what’s on offer in terms of interest, with headline rates and comparison rates on both fixed rate and variable rate loans.

Think you might want to make extra repayments on your loan, or perhaps pay it off early? Happily, there is no penalty to do either of these things with the NAB Personal Loan. You can make regular repayment amounts above the minimum or extra lump sum payments without having to worry about additional fees, allowing you to pay off your loan sooner and save on interest.

If you decide to pay off the loan early, there are no early exit fees. In addition, if you have a variable rate loan and are ahead of your repayment schedule, you can access the NAB Personal Loan’s redraw feature to redraw your loan funds and transfer them straight into your NAB transaction account.

Last on the list of things we like about the NAB Personal Loan is its easy application process. While some personal loans applications are seemingly endless and needlessly complex, NAB keeps it simple. It takes about 20 minutes to apply, after which, you will receive electronic confirmation of the decision. You can then accept the loan contract online and get your funds paid directly into your NAB account.

What’s not so great...

As a personal loan option from a big bank, the NAB Personal Loan offers some nice features, while keeping things pretty simple. With personalised rates, you may find you get a great deal, or you may find lower rates elsewhere – so it’s important to compare the options. It’s also worth taking into account the loan’s fee structure, which includes an application fee of $150, and a monthly fee of $10.

Why should you choose this personal loan?

The NAB Personal Loan gives you the flexibility of a fixed of variable rate and with borrow amounts up $55,000.

Overall Rating

Other Pros

  • Choose between variable and fixed rate


  • $10 monthly service fee

NAB Personal Loans

How to apply for a NAB Personal Loan

Interested in applying for the NAB Personal Loan? Simply check out the application criteria below and hit ‘apply’ to be redirected to the bank’s application page.

Application criteria

To apply online, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older,
  • Live in Australia,
  • Be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen, or an Australian Permanent Resident or a non-resident holding an acceptable Temporary Residency Visa,
  • Have a regular income and a good credit rating,
  • Be able to afford your loan repayments.

Required information

  • Your driver’s licence, if you have one.
  • Income, employment and financial commitment details.
  • Note, you may be required to visit a branch to verify your identity.

If this looks like the right personal loan for you, apply now to get the application process started.